Nonpolar Compounds Force Energetically Unfavorable Changes in the Structure of Water

When water is mixed with benzene or hexane, two phases form; neither liquid is soluble in the other. Nonpolar compounds such as benzene and hexane are hydrophobic—they are unable to undergo energetically favorable interactions with water molecules, and they interfere with the hydrogen bonding among water molecules. All molecules or ions in aqueous solution interfere with the hydrogen bonding of some water molecules in their immediate vicinity, but polar or charged solutes (such as NaCl) compensate for lost water-water hydrogen bonds by forming new solute-water interactions. The net change in enthalpy (AH) for dissolving these solutes is generally small. Hydrophobic solutes, however, offer no such compensation, and their addition to water may therefore result in a small gain of enthalpy; the breaking of hydrogen bonds between water molecules takes up energy from the system. Furthermore, dissolving hydrophobic compounds in water produces a measurable decrease in entropy. Water molecules in the immediate vicinity of a nonpolar solute are constrained in their possible orientations as they form a highly ordered cagelike shell around each solute molecule. These water molecules are not as highly oriented as those in clathrates, crystalline compounds of nonpolar solutes and water, but the effect is the same in both cases: the ordering of water molecules reduces entropy. The number of ordered water molecules, and therefore the magnitude of the entropy decrease, is proportional to the surface area of the hydrophobic solute enclosed within the cage of water molecules. The free-energy change for dissolving a nonpolar solute in water is thus unfavorable: AG = AH — T AS, where AH has a positive value, AS has a negative value, and AG is positive.

Amphipathic compounds contain regions that are polar (or charged) and regions that are nonpolar (Table 2-2). When an amphipathic compound is mixed with

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    Why nonpolar compounds are unable to undergo energetically favourable interactions with water?
    7 years ago
  • yorda
    Why is dissolving nonpolar compounds in water energetically unfavored?
    7 years ago

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