Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate + H2


On the other hand, acyl phosphates, such as 1,3-bisphos-phoglycerate, are more stable and undergo further enzyme-catalyzed transformation in cells.

(a) Predict the effect on the net reaction catalyzed by glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase if phosphate were replaced by arsenate.

(b) What would be the consequence to an organism if arsenate were substituted for phosphate? Arsenate is very toxic to most organisms. Explain why.

11. Requirement for Phosphate in Ethanol Fermentation In 1906 Harden and Young, in a series of classic studies on the fermentation of glucose to ethanol and CO2 by extracts of brewer's yeast, made the following observations. (1) Inorganic phosphate was essential to fermentation; when the supply of phosphate was exhausted, fermentation ceased before all the glucose was used. (2) During fermentation under these conditions, ethanol, CO2, and a hexose bisphosphate accumulated. (3) When arsenate was substituted for phosphate, no hexose bisphosphate accumulated, but the fermentation proceeded until all the glucose was converted to ethanol and CO2.

(a) Why did fermentation cease when the supply of phosphate was exhausted?

(b) Why did ethanol and CO2 accumulate? Was the conversion of pyruvate to ethanol and CO2 essential? Why? Identify the hexose bisphosphate that accumulated. Why did it accumulate?

(c) Why did the substitution of arsenate for phosphate prevent the accumulation of the hexose bisphosphate yet allow fermentation to ethanol and CO2 to go to completion? (See Problem 10.)

12. Role of the Vitamin Niacin Adults engaged in strenuous physical activity require an intake of about 160 g of carbohydrate daily but only about 20 mg of niacin for optimal nutrition. Given the role of niacin in glycolysis, how do you explain the observation?

13. Metabolism of Glycerol Glycerol obtained from the breakdown of fat is metabolized by conversion to dihydroxy-acetone phosphate, a glycolytic intermediate, in two enzyme-catalyzed reactions. Propose a reaction sequence for glycerol metabolism. On which known enzyme-catalyzed reactions is your proposal based? Write the net equation for the conversion of glycerol to pyruvate according to your scheme.

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