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Fermentation and respiration

Other examples of terminal electron acceptors are firstly sulphate, in which case one of the final products is elemental sulphur. This process is carried out by the obligate anaerobe, Desulfovibrio and members of the archaean genus Archaeglobus. Another anaerobe, Alkaliphilus transvaalensis, an extreme alkaliphile, growing at a pH of 8.5 to 12.5, isolated from an ultra-deep gold mine in South Africa, can use elemental sulphur, thiosulphate or fumarate as an additional electron acceptor (Takai et al. 2001). Secondly, carbon dioxide may be the final electron acceptor in which case one of the final products is methane. This process is also carried out by obligate anaerobes, in this case, the methanogens, all of which are archaeans and are responsible for methane production in anaerobic digesters and landfill sites. Again, it functions on much the same principles as the other chains mentioned above but has a different set of cofactors which are most unusual. For both of the above obligate...

Origin botanical facts

Began during the Gold Rush to alleviate the shortages of fresh fruits and vegetables that led to scurvy, a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency. Today, California is the primary source of lemons in the United States, and Arizona ranks second. Other countries with significant commercial lemon crops are Italy, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, Turkey, India, and Egypt.

Cultural Overview

Chinese immigrants began to arrive in California shortly before the Gold Rush in 1849. By the time the United States enacted the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, about 125,000 Chinese lived in the United States the majority of them resided on the West Coast. In addition, about 50,000 Chinese landed in Hawaii between 1852 and 1900. The Chinese who came to California during the Gold Rush were mostly independent laborers or entrepreneurs. After gold mining declined, they worked to construct the western half of the first transcontinental railroad. They also contributed to the early development of agriculture in the Pacific Northwest and light manufacturing industries in California. A significant number of Chinese specialized in laundry businesses, although washing clothes was not a traditional occupation for men in China.

Gender Roles in Economics

There is a pronounced spatial segregation between areas of male and female employment thereby perpetuating a tension between family life and livelihood. Matsapha Industrial Estate has become home to most of Swaziland's manufacturing industries. Whether males sought employment in the gold-mining industry or in Swaziland's domestic industries, they had to migrate


Been subject to diffuse contamination, or former mines where further traditional methods are no longer practical. The manner proposed for this is essentially phy-toextraction and early research seems to support the economic case for drying the harvested biomass and then recovering the nickel. Even where the actual post-mining residue has little immediate worth, the application of phytotechno-logical measures can still be of benefit as a straightforward clean-up. In the light of recent advances in Australia, using the ability of eucalyptus trees and certain native grasses to absorb metals from the soil, the approach is to be tested operationally for the decontamination of disused gold mines (Murphy and Butler 2002). These sites also often contain significant levels of arsenic and cyanide compounds. Managing the country's mining waste is a major expense, costing in excess of Aus 30 million per year success in this trial could prove of great economic advantage to the industry.


Aluminum-induced impairment of cognitive function following the occupational exposure of gold miners to inhaled aluminum, the exposure of members of the general public to ingested aluminum sulfate, and, recently, exposure of workers and ex-workers in the aluminum industry has been claimed but not proven. No convincing evidence has been produced to either support or refute the existence of neurological effects at low levels of aluminum uptake. However, there is sufficient evidence that such effects may occur in man at some levels of uptake. For example, dialysis patients exposed to lower than average levels of aluminum sometimes demonstrate disturbed cerebral function compared to controls. In one study of dialysis patients, correlations were sought between cognitive function and exposure to aluminum in both dialysis source water and administered oral gut phosfate binders. The results of the study were confusing since it found negative correlations between the cognitive measures and...

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