Novartis Foundation symposium on Endocrinefacets of ageing, held at the Novartis Foundation, London, 30 January—1 February 2001

Editors: Derek J. Chadwick (Organizer) and Jamie A. Goode

This symposium is based on a proposal made by Johannes D. Veldhuis andZvi Laron

Johannes D.Veldhuis Chair's introduction 1

Annewieke W. van den Beld and Steven W. J. Lamberts Endocrine aspects of healthy ageing in men 3 Discussion 16

Bernard J. Carroll Ageing, stress and the brain 26

Discussion 36

Per Bjorntorp Alterations in the ageing corticotropic stress-response axis 46 Discussion 58

David J. Handelsman Male reproductive ageing: human fertility, androgens and hormone dependent disease 66 Discussion 77

Christina Wang, Amiya Sinha Hikim, Monica Ferrini, Juan J. Bonavera, Dolores Vernet, Andrew Leung, Yan-He Lue, Nestor F. Gonzalez-Cadavid and Ronald S. Swerdloff Male reproductive ageing: using the Brown Norway rat as a model for man 82 Discussion 95

J. D.Veldhuis, A. Iranmanesh,T. Mulligan and C. Y. Bowers Mechanisms of conjoint failure of the somatotropic and gonadal axes in ageing men 98 Discussion 118

Zvi Laron Effects of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 deficiency on ageing and longevity 125 Discussion 137

Antonio Ruiz-Torres The role of insulin-like growth factor 1 and insulin in ageing and atherosclerosis 143 Discussion 153

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