Clinical Manifestations of Developmental Asymmetries

For many years, it has been documented that depressed dominant (almost always left) cerebral hemisphere development will lower verbal IQ and depressed nondominant hemisphere development will lower performance IQ. Similarly, developmental tasks such as acquisition of reading skills or expressive language are primarily dependent upon dominant hemisphere maturation (in the posterior and anterior portions, respectively). Thus, the measurement of developmental phenomena relevant to the acquisition of such academic pursuits as learning to read and spell or to recognize and reproduce images of given objects depends on the developmental status of cortically mediated functions, which in turn are dependent on the development of given cortical areas. Neuropsychological assessment of pediatric age patient is an important adjunct and contributes to the understanding of skill development (or lack of development) of a number of functions central to the acquisition of educational mastery at given age levels.

Helping Your Child Learn To Read

Helping Your Child Learn To Read

When parents help their children learn to read, they help open the door to a new world. As a parent, you can begin an endless learning chain: You read to your children, they develop a love of stories and poems, they want to read on their own, they practice reading, and finally they read for their own information or pleasure. They become readers, and their world is forever expanded and enriched.

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