Migraine without Aura

The headache is characterized by episodes of head pain lasting 4-72 hr and having at least two of the following characteristics: pulsatile quality, moderate to severe intensity, unilateral location, and worsening with physical activity. To fulfill the IHS criteria for migraine, headache must also have occurred on at least five occasions and have been accompanied

Table IV

Migraine with Aura Diagnostic Criteria

A. At least two attacks fulfilling B

B. At least three of the following characteristics

1. One or more fully reversible aura symptoms indicating focal cerebral cortical and/or brain stem dysfunction

2. At least one aura symptom develops gradually over more than 4 min or, two or more symptoms occur in succession

3. No single aura symptoms lasts more than 60 min. If more than one aura symptom is present, accepted duration is proportionally increased

4. Headache follows aura with a free interval of less than 60 min

C. History, physical examination, and, where appropriate, diagnostic tests exclude a secondary cause by nausea or by photophobia and phonophobia (Table II).

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