Alfred W Kaszniak

University ofArizona

I. Characteristics and Epidemiology of Dementia

II. Alzheimer's Disease

III. Frontal-Subcortical Dementias

IV. Frontotemporal Dementias

V. Vascular Dementia

VI. Dementia Associated with Depression

VII. Neuropsychological Assessment In Dementia Diagnosis

VIII. Treatment and Clinical Management of Dementia neuropsychological assessment An approach to the evaluation of dementia and other neurobehavioral disorders involving structured interviewing, behavioral observation, and the administration of standardized tests of cognitive and emotional functions.

perseveration Persistence in a particular action or thought after task demands have changed and the action or thought is no longer appropriate.

prosopagnosia Deficit in the ability to recognize familiar faces.

verbal fluency Ability to quickly generate words from within a particular semantic category (e.g., animal names, items that can be found in a grocery store) or beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet.

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