Cluster Headache

This form of vascular headache has been known as histaminic cephalalgia, Horton's headache, migrai-nous neuralgia, sphenopalatine neuralgia, petrosal neuralgia, red migraine, Raeder's syndrome, Sluder's syndrome, erythromelalgia, and Bing's erythroproso-palgia. The defining characteristic of cluster headaches is their occurrence in cycles (clusters) that occur and disappear spontaneously. There are two forms of cluster headache—episodic and chronic. The majority of patients with cluster headaches experience the episodic form, in which the headache cycles or series last for several weeks or months and then may disappear for years. For those unfortunate few with the chronic form, headache remission is briefer than 14 days, or the cycle of headaches is continuous, without any headache-free intervals.

The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

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