Pelvic Floor Muscle Feedback for Incontinence and Vulvodynia

A similar application has strong scientific support: the retraining of pelvic floor muscles using a vaginal or anal EMG sensor. Feedback from the pelvic floor muscles can help the physical therapist and physician diagnose problems such as muscle weakness, spasti-city, or poor motor control. Then exercises using visual displays of muscle activity are designed and practiced until mastered. This is another rehabilitation model use of biofeedback, but it appears that the feedbackassisted exercises improve motor control and this leads to a series of positive gains for urinary incontinence or painful intercourse (vulvodynia). A similar application can be used for fecal incontinence. The patient can often regain control of his or her bowel function in a few sessions using an anal probe pressure device with instructions to normalize the pattern of contraction and relaxation of the anal sphincters.

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