Physical and occupational therapy can be of tremendous benefit for patients who have developed weakness, generalized deconditioning, sensory neuropathy, or other nerve or musculoskeletal impairments from their cancer and cancer treatment. Both of these modalities can improve mobility and general physical stamina. Patients who have developed impairments of upper extremity function due to peripheral neuropathy from systemic therapy or focal radiation or from central lesions of the spinal cord or brain may benefit from occupational therapy to help improve function. Patients who have developed difficulties with swallowing, articulation, or even primary language problems may benefit from speech therapy.

Many cancer patients who experience neurocogni-tive declines can improve their function at home and in vocational and leisure pursuits and enjoy an improved level of independence and quality of life given the right support. Given that cancer patients tend to have fairly mild and restricted cognitive problems, they often respond very well to focused rehabilitation efforts. A preliminary study of cognitive and vocational therapy provided to brain tumor patients found that these patients required shorter stays, had less treatment, and had better overall outcome in terms of independence and productivity compared to patients with traumatic brain injuries. Cognitive rehabilitation is designed to improve independence level, whereas vocational rehabilitation is designed to improve productivity, which may include volunteer work, performing household activities, going back to school, working at a modified job, or maintaining competitive employment.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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