Abnormalities of Acuity and Color Vision

In general, abnormalities of central vision, such as those involving the macula, reduce spatial resolution but have little or no effect on color vision. A remarkable example is ''oligocone trichromasy.'' These subjects have very few cones and greatly reduced acuity but retain normal color vision. This must reflect the fact that color vision integrates over larger areas of the visual field and is disconnected from the high spatial resolution discrimination mediated by achromatic contrast and the ''midget'' system. This does not mean that the midget system does not mediate chromatic contrast and consequently color vision; it must mean that there is considerable overlap in the integration of these midget cell signals that are used for chromatic contrast. There is an alternative view that there are specific ganglion cells divorced entirely from the midget system.

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Conquering Fear In The 21th Century

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