Training Requirements

Few states regulate the practice of NF, yet it is being used with clients with a wide range of medical and psychological conditions. Many both inside and outside the field express alarm about potential dangers to the public when practitioners with minimal or no training in neurology or neuropsychology, or even general medicine or psychology, are treating persons with ADHD, depression, brain injury, and other conditions.

Sometimes this is without supervision from or collaboration with trained professionals who normally would treat such clients. Although BCIA certification requires considerable training and supervised experience, some consider it to be too little and advocate the establishment of one or more new certifying agencies with higher standards. Some suggest that two or three levels of certification should be established, with the

PhD or MD degree and extensive neurofeedback training and experience required for the highest level. Opponents of higher standards sometimes note that undesirable side effects of NF are rare and that, although it may seem incredible (and threatening to established health care professionals), training beyond the bachelor's degree level is not necessary to practice the art of NF and higher standards would be unfair to lesser educated practitioners and to the many persons in need of NF treatment. Although most, if not all, groups currently providing NF training limit enrollment to those with master's level or higher degrees, the field has an unusually diverse group of professionals, including physicians, professional counselors, psychologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, social workers, and nurses. Whereas NF may be a very safe procedure and it may not be essential that its practitioners be knowledgeable about details of EEG dynamics, neuroanatomy, or psychiatric diagnoses, having rigorous certification standards likely would aid in gaining greater acceptance of the field by insurance carriers, other professions, and the general public.

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