Cerebrovascular diseases are disorders or diseases of brain

(cerebral) blood vessels, cerebral blood flow (CBF), or cerebral oxygenation. The vessels that supply blood to and from the brain constitute the cerebral vasculature. The brain typically derives its blood supply from four large arteries. Smaller arteries and arterioles supply the microvasculature. The microvasculature drains into intracerebral veins that then drain into the venous sinuses. The venous sinuses empty into the deep veins of the neck. Cerebrovascular disorders may originate within any segment of the cerebral vasculature, from cardiac or arterial disease, systemic emboli, hypercoa-gulable states, hypotension, and many other conditions. Even when CBF is normal and the vessels are healthy, oxygen delivery or oxygen metabolism may be inadequate to maintain brain viability. In this article, current concepts and advances in cerebrovascular disease are summarized.

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