Other Peripheral Dyslexias

Peripheral dyslexias may be observed in a variety of conditions involving visuoperceptual or attentional deficits. Patients with simultanagnosia, a disorder characterized by an inability to ''see'' more than one object in an array, are often able to read single words but are incapable of reading text. Other patients with simultanagnosia exhibit substantial problems in reading even single words.

Patients with degenerative conditions involving the posterior cortical regions may also exhibit profound deficits in reading as part of their more general impairment in visuospatial processing. Several patterns of impairment may be observed in these patients. Some patients exhibit attentional dyslexia with letter migration and blend errors, whereas other patients exhibiting deficits that are in certain respects similar do not produce migration or blend errors in reading or illusory conjuctions in visual search tasks. It has been suggested that at least some patients with these disorders suffer from a progressive restriction in the domain to which they can allocate visual attention. As a consequence of this impairment, these patients may exhibit an effect of stimulus size such that they are able to read a word in small print but when shown the same word in large print see only a single letter.

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