Blood Pressure Modification

Alteration of hydrostatic forces in the cerebral circulation is possible through titration of systemic arterial pressure. Reductions of systemic arterial pressure with antihypertensive agents decrease pressure gradients that may precipitate or exacerbate hydrostatic, vaso-genic, and ischemic edema. This concept forms the basis for the treatment of hypertensive encephalopathy and related conditions. Although hydrostatic gradients do not mediate the initial changes in vasogenic edema, these forces may encourage extravasation across a damaged BBB. This effect may contribute to the pathogenesis of reperfusion injury following lysis of an arterial occlusion or surgical repair of a hemodynamically significant arterial stenosis. The presence of ischemia limits blood pressure reduction because decreased CPP may precipitate further is-chemic injury.

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

Your heart pumps blood throughout your body using a network of tubing called arteries and capillaries which return the blood back to your heart via your veins. Blood pressure is the force of the blood pushing against the walls of your arteries as your heart beats.Learn more...

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