primitives The fundamental elements, or basic building blocks, of a representation. These can range from simple spots of light of varying intensity to complex three-dimensional volumes with varying aspect ratios, degrees of curvature, cross-section shapes, etc.

representation A thing that stands for another thing. In other words, a representation can be used in place of its representee to carry the same meaning. For example, France is represented by a flag with red, white, and blue horizontal stripes; the United Nations can fly this flag in front of its headquarters to indicate that this country is a member of the institution.

structural description A form of representation that uses relatively complex primitives, usually corresponding to object parts, and specifies the relationships between parts explicitly.

view A form of representation that uses relatively simple primitives and does not specify relations between them explicitly.

Object perception refers to the process of identifying an external stimulus from the image cast by the object onto the retina. This ability is remarkable because of the fact that an object's image can change radically when it is viewed under different circumstances, for example, from different viewpoints and distances. Furthermore, before perception of a single object can even begin, the object of interest must be separated from other objects in the background and foreground of the scene. Some theories propose that the visual system constructs a structural description of to-be-

perceived objects, in which the shapes of and relations between the object's parts are explicitly represented. Other models posit simpler representations in which parts and relations are specified only implicitly in a view of the object; these models then specify processes for matching perceived to encoded views. Neither type of theory is universally accepted, but the theoretical debate has inspired, and in turn been constrained by, a great deal of interesting neurophysiological and behavioral research.

Understanding And Treating Autism

Understanding And Treating Autism

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