Binswanger's disease A vascular disease of the brain in which ischemic demyelination and infarction primarily affect the cerebral white matter.

demyelination A neuropathological process in which myelin is stripped away from axons, with or without associated axonal and/or neuronal damage.

leukodystrophy A genetic disorder of white matter characterized by abnormal myelin metabolism in the brain.

magnetic resonance imaging A powerful neuroradiological technique that permits detailed noninvasive views of the brain white matter.

multiple sclerosis An idiopathic, inflammatory, demyelinative disease of the central nervous system.

myelin The fatty insulation of many axons in the brain that helps increase the conduction velocity of neurons by the phenomenon of saltatory conduction.

neural networks Integrated systems of gray and white matter in the brain that subserve elemental and higher cerebral functions.

toluene leukoencephalopathy A disorder of brain white matter caused by excessive exposure to toluene vapor.

white matter dementia A dementia syndrome resulting from primary or selective involvement of cerebral white matter.

white matter tracts Collections of myelinated fibers connecting cortical and subcortical gray matter regions in the brain.

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