attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Condition presumably reflecting delayed maturation of a given brain area, characterized by poor attention, concentration, and possibly impulse control relative to those expected for the child's age.

cortex Area on the lateral surface of the brain involved with higher mental functions.

dyslexia Generic name for poor reading ability. Specific dyslexia is related to dysfunction in the area of the supramarginal angular gyrus of the dominant cerebral hemisphere. Dyslexia may also represent a manifestation of generalized language disorder, reflecting dysfunction of broader areas of the dominant cerebral hemisphere.

frontal lobes Involved with impulse control, planning, and executive function. Maturation rate is quite slow, typically not reaching maturity until the teenage years in girls and later in boys.

neurobehavioral Behavioral functions (e.g., monitoring behavior, judgment, impulse control) dependent on or subserved by the (central) nervous system.

neurocognitive Cognitive functions (e.g., memory, intelligence) dependent on or subserved by the (central) nervous system.

psychometric Measurements of psychological functions with objective, calibrations, such as intelligence quotient or learning levels, corrected for age.

Pediatric neuropsychological assessment deals with the evaluation of brain-behavior relationships in a pedia tric population. Such assessment measures the developmental status and functional integrity of given brain areas and systems by utilizing tests and measurement procedures based on psychometric principles of psychological science.

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