adaptation Skill learning tasks that require a remapping of motor commands to sensory feedback.

apraxia A neurological syndrome involving deficits in the production of voluntary movements without paralysis or sensory loss.

closed-loop movements Movements for which sensory feedback is used to modify the ongoing motor commands.

efference copy An internal copy of a signal to the muscles that is compared to afferent signals from the periphery.

open-loop movements Movements for which the motor commands are sent to the muscles without opportunity for modification due to sensory feedback.

sensorimotor integration Skill learning tasks that require the formation of novel associations between sensory events and motor commands.

Motor skills are learned behaviors that require patterns of activity across sets of muscles. Such a broad, encompassing description reflects the diversity of phenomena that are considered forms of motor skill learning. It is therefore not surprising that many neural systems are involved in the development of motor skills. This article focuses on the primary neural systems associ ated with motor learning and discusses functional hypotheses associated with these structures.

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