ascending reticular activating system The collection of fore-brain projections, arising in the brain stem reticular formation, that were traditionally regarded as a single arousal system.

attention A variety of cognitive processes that enable selectivity of information processing.

readiness A state of premotor activation in preparation for action.

reticular formation Tissue in the central brain stem, from the spinal cord to the diencephalon, having a net-like appearance in histological section due to the arrangement of fiber bundles.

vigilance A form of attention involving a state of expectation or preparedness for the receipt and processing of specific information.

Alertness refers to a state of enhanced readiness to receive and process information and to respond. When a subject is alert, stimuli are processed more efficiently (indicated by improved response accuracy) and responses are initiated more rapidly (indicated by shorter response latencies). Alertness carries connotations of arousal, vigilance, and readiness, although it may be distinguished from all of these.

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