aggression In humans, the intentional infliction of harm on another, against their wishes and not for their own good; in other animals, the infliction of harm per se.

executive functioning A superordinate level of cognitive functioning that coordinates goal-directed activities and mediates conscious experience.

localization of function The attribution of a specific psychological process or function to a particular neural structure or brain area.

phrenology A pseudoscience of character analysis popular in the early 19th century based on the mistaken belief that patterns of indentations and protrusions in the skull indicate brain areas that mediate psychological functions.

Type A behavior Behavior characterized by feelings of time pressure, competitiveness, and hostility or chronic anger. Type A behavior has been linked to cardiovascular disease.

Anger is an emotion that involves both an attribution of blame for some perceived wrong and an impulse to correct the wrong or prevent its recurrence. The angry response may or may not involve aggressive behavior.

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