cognitive level A viewpoint in which structures and mechanisms to support a scientific interpretation of intelligent behavior bridge the gap between neurophysiology and intelligent behavior. Structures and mechanisms at the cognitive level may or may not be found to have a simple mapping to the structures and mechanisms of brain anatomy.

heuristic A rule of thumb used to generate adequate solutions to intractable problems.

knowledge base A set of "if-then" rules and facts that captures the information necessary to support intelligent activity within some circumscribed domain.

neural network A computational system composed of highly interconnected simple processing units that operate in parallel to process all incoming activity values, compute an output activity value, and send it to all directly connected neighboring units. A unit's output value transferred by each interunit link is modified by the "weight" (a real number) associated with each link. It is this set of link weights that is altered during the initial network training.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has no firm definition. The term refers to attempts to simulate or replicate with computer systems functions that are normally assumed to require intelligence when manifest in humans. The goal of AI is to reproduce some aspect of

Breaking Bulimia

Breaking Bulimia

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