aphasia A loss or disruption of normal language ability resulting from cerebral damage.

binaural Pertaining to processing of sound combinations coming from the two ears.

formant A resonant frequency band in the acoustic spectrum.

formant transition A change in formant frequency, usually related to speech in which rapid changes in the position of the vocal articulators result in such transitions.

Heschl's gyrus Cortical regionin the superior temporal gyrus that contains primary auditory cortex.

planum temporale Cortical area located on the superior temporal gyrus behind Heschl's gyrus.

medial geniculate nucleus Principal thalamic nucleus for the auditory system.

tonotopy The systematic topographical arrangement of neurons sensitive to particular acoustic frequencies.

Wernicke's area A region in the left posterior temporoparietal cortex that plays a role in speech and language processing.

The human auditory cortex may be defined as those regions of the neocortex, situated mostly on the superior and lateral surfaces of the temporal lobe, that contain neurons responsible for processing sound. This article

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