Basic Structure Of The Brain

The brain has undergone a long process of evolution, taking millions of years for it to take the shape and organization currently found in man. During this evolution, the brain has increased not only in size but also in its level of organization, sophistication, and

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complexity. The increased size of the brain, however, is not necessarily an indication of increased intelligence. Larger animals, such as the elephant or the whale, have much larger brains than that of man. Also, the basic chemical and metabolic setup of the brain of even the lower mammals and that of man are, in a broader perspective, difficult to distinguish. However, the human brain is very special in relation to culture, consciousness, language, memory, and especially intelligence. It distinguishes itself from even the most highly developed brains of other animals.

The morphology and cytology of the brain tissue are now well understood. A large variety of cell types occur in the brain that can be classified into two major groups according to their general morphology and function: the neuronal cells and the glial cells.

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