Artificial Neural Networks

A network whose architecture is not strongly linked to neurobiology is often termed an artificial neural network (ANN). ANNs are built by using simplified models of a neuron, for example, sigmoidal units mentioned earlier. The pattern of connections between the neural units is most often established via learning rules and gives the network its ability to compute complex functions and develop emergent behavior. The importance of connectivity in ANN models has resulted in the coining of the term "connectionism" for describing this research area.

ANN research has its origins in the development of the "perceptron" by Frank Rosenblatt in 1958. ANNs are often characterized by the number of layers of modifiable connections or synapses. The perceptron is a network consisting of a single layer of connections with output units having a nonlinear transfer function, as shown in Fig. 3a. The output, fx), of the perceptron is given by

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