Diagnostic Techniques A Clinical Assessment

The evaluation of stroke has recently become a medical emergency due to the availability of effective acute therapy. Stroke patients who are treated by neurologists fare better than those treated by nonspe-cialists and have shorter lengths of stay, lower hospitalization costs, improved functional outcome, and improved levels of satisfaction. The neurological history and examination are essential aspects of the acute evaluation. Abnormalities of relevance may be identified literally from head (e.g., papillary asymmetry) to toe (e.g., Babinski sign). Neuroimaging, neu-rosonology, cardiac evaluation, and hematologic testing are all important aspects of stroke management. A team approach is ideal in such situations.

Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

Prevention is better than a cure. Learn how to cherish your heart by taking the necessary means to keep it pumping healthily and steadily through your life.

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