Heuristics For Human Judgment Choice And Search Behavior

The models of heuristics for human judgment, choice, and decision making that have been proposed in psychology since 1970 can be linked to two traditions of heuristics with earlier beginnings as described previously. These two traditions have employed different levels of description. First, following the line of the heuristic methods studied by the Gestalt psychologists, one class of heuristics consists of psychological principles that are verbally described. These models are only relatively loosely specified and usually do not explicate all the processes they involve (e.g., in terms of information search, stopping, and decision rules). Second, following from Simon and Newell's computer-based models of human decision making, another class of heuristics has been formulated as process models, with explicit specification of the processes involved. Because of this explication, the latter heuristics can be both mathematically analyzed and tested with the help of computer simulations. We consider each class of heuristics in turn.

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