Inferior Colliculus IC

As the main component of the auditory system in the midbrain, the inferior colliculus represents the posterior part of the tectum (Fig. 1A). Its major role is to receive and integrate ascending input from most of the auditory system in the hindbrain and send its output toward the auditory cortex via the medial geniculate body in the thalamus (Fig. 2). It also receives major inputs from the cortex and has descending projections. The main part of the inferior colliculus is the large and prominent central nucleus. Surrounding the central nucleus, dorsally and caudally, is a cortex, and laterally and medially the paracentral nuclei are found. For each of these regions, we will describe the cellular organization, inputs, and outputs.

a. Central Nucleus of Inferior Colliculus (CNIC) The central nucleus is the major midbrain

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