Figure 5 Pitch direction judgments within perceived or imaged songs. CBF increases during pitch comparisons between two notes within familiar songs, cued by the presentation of two words from their lyrics. Both conditions were contrasted to a visual baseline consisting of reading similar words. In the imagery (Ima) condition, subjects had to replay the song mentally, whereas in the perception (Per) condition they heard a recorded rendition. (I) Left and right saggital views through peaks in the superior temporal gyri. Although much less robust, activation similar to actual perception was observed during song imagery in secondary auditory cortices, with no auditory stimulation. (II) Left and right saggital sections through frontal lobe foci. The overall patterns of activation are strikingly similar for perception and imagery and include activation in mid-dorsolateral frontal cortex, consistent with the monitoring demands of this task. (III) CBF increases within the supplementary motor area (SMA), believed to be associated with inner singing, are more robust during imagery. (IV) Increases during imagery in contrast to perception. Foci are in the right thalamus and bilateral frontopolar cortex (reproduced with permission from Zatorre et al., 1996).

The formation of long-term memories has been extensively studied, and general mechanisms, such as the critical importance of entorhinal cortex in the formation of new long-term memories, must be common to music. However, little work of specific musical relevance has been carried out. Important observations from the cognitive study of memory for melody, such as the greater importance of exact interval information in long-term memory for melody as opposed to the predominance of contour in short-

term recall, will no doubt inform the design of such experiments.

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