Figure 8 Auditory nerve discharges appear in synchrony with the stimulus waveform, such that when the nerve discharges it does so when the waveform reaches a peak (from Yost, 2000).

complex sounds and to the binaural cues of interaural time and level. It is possible that neural maps of auditory space might exist at the level of the IC. Work in the bat and the barn owl has provided useful models for better understanding the auditory function of the auditory brain stem.

The human auditory cortex is located deep within the Sylvian fissure and contains several areas, with A1

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Listening to the Binaural Beat

Listening to the Binaural Beat

When you were a kid were you fascinated by those dog whistles that you could blow, not hear but all the dogs in the vicinity would come running? The high pitch was something that only they could here, and though it seemed the dogs didn't seem to arrive in droves as they did in the movies, it was enough for perhaps your pet dog to prick up his ears before sliding back into sleep.

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