Psychopathological Mechanisms

Current theorizing concerning the psychopathological mechanisms of somatoform illness is dominated by the concepts of dissociation, conversion, and somatization; these models, and the evidence cited in their support, are described here. Currently, no one model provides a completely satisfactory explanation of how it is possible for the symptoms of illness to be experienced in the absence of organic pathology. Although current models have shed light on many aspects of somatoform illness, they are conceptually underspecified and, in certain respects, not well supported by empirical research. Although it is likely that a complete account of unexplained medical symptoms will incorporate aspects of the dissociation, conversion, and somatization models, the development of such an account ultimately requires a more detailed examination of psychological and neuroscien-tific concepts not currently considered in this domain.

Understanding And Treating Autism

Understanding And Treating Autism

Whenever a doctor informs the parents that their child is suffering with Autism, the first & foremost question that is thrown over him is - How did it happen? How did my child get this disease? Well, there is no definite answer to what are the exact causes of Autism.

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