L Brocas Aphasia

Broca's aphasia is one of the most commonly known syndromes of frontal language disorder. The core features of this syndrome include nonfluent, effortful speech production, semantic and phonemic parapha-sias, articulatory errors, agrammatism, and relatively preserved comprehension. Widely accepted definitions of Broca's aphasia also include poor repetition, reading, and writing ability.

The lesion in classical Broca's aphasia involves the left posterior, inferior frontal gyrus. With the advent of sophisticated neuroimaging techniques, researchers have discovered that circumscribed damage to Broca's area does not necessarily result in the complete syndrome of Broca's aphasia. Moreover, some individuals with Broca's aphasia do not have lesions in Broca's area. Therefore, it seems that the underlying pathology in Broca's aphasia can be relatively extensive and varied. Regions including the inferior central Rolandic area, the insula, subcortical regions, and the anterior parietal regions have also been implicated in this language syndrome.

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