About 13 5-HT receptors have been characterized. Only one is ionotropic. Transmission with 5-HT is critical for sleep, mood, sexual behavior, and aggressive behavior.

e. Histamine Histamine is formed by decarboxylation of the amino acid L-histamine catalyzed by histidine decarboxylase.

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There are only about 100,000 neurons in the brain that are histaminergic; they are situated in the posterior hypothalamus and have widespread projections. Three types of histamine receptors have been identified, all metabotropic. Central histaminergic neurons control appetite and regulate the secretion of pituitary hormones. In the periphery, histamine is familiar as a hormone that is important in the inflammatory reaction and in the activity of exocrine glands, for example, in the secretion of acidic gastric juice.

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