Somatic Efferent and Visceral Efferent Cranial Nerve Components

Due to these recent findings on the embryological derivation of the visceral arch muscles, the former classification of their motor cranial nerve components of SVE can be revised. These components can be classified as somatic, just like those that supply the extraocular muscles and the tongue. Since the classification of visceral is invalid, the distinction of special (for V, VII, IX, X, and XI) versus general (for III, IV, VI, and XII) is also moot. All these motor components are simply somatic efferents (Table III). For the remaining motor category, GVE, the parasympathetic components of cranial nerves III, VII, IX, and X are indeed visceral efferents, and with the elimination of the special visceral category the use of the term general is not needed here. These parasympathetic components can simply be classified as visceral efferents.

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