To the Visual Motor System Nuclei of the Brachium of the Inferior Colliculus

Studies indicate that the brachium of the inferior colliculus may provide an important link between the auditory and the eye-movement systems of the mid-brain. In mammals, there are few direct connections between the inferior and superior colliculi. Thus, the link from the auditory to visual-motor systems has not been obvious. However, such a link would be important because it would allow the location of sounds in space to be correlated with the positions of objects in space in the visual field. Sounds can initiate head and eye movements that are partially controlled by the superior colliculus. The fibers from the inferior colliculus terminate along the rostrocaudal extent of the nucleus of the brachium during their course en route to the thalamus. Neurons in the brachial nucleus project in a topographical manner to the superior colliculus, with the rostral brachium terminating rostrally and the caudal brachium terminating caud-ally. This rostrocaudal axis of the superior colliculus corresponds to the horizontal meridian of the visual field. Thus, the brachium projection to the superior colliculus is consistent with an auditory map of horizontal azimuth being transmitted from the auditory system to the visual system.

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