Lefthandedness And Physical And Psychological Fitness

Throughout the years there have been a large number of studies that have suggested that left-handedness may serve as a sign or a marker indicating that there may be other psychological and neurological problems present in the individual. The reasoning is as follows: To the extent that left-handedness may be caused by pathological factors, left-handedness might be a marker (at least statistically) for the possible existence of some form of neural pathology, psychological deviance, or developmental abnormality. It is suggested that, at least for the pathological left-handers, the same pathology that caused the left-handedness might have also caused some form of collateral damage that can reduce the individual's physiological or psychological fitness through direct or secondary mechanisms.

The surprising suggestion that left-handedness may be a marker for other problems is actually supported by a substantial body of research that found that left-handedness is frequently associated with a variety of symptoms or syndromes. In the vast majority of circumstances, when there are a disproportionately high number of left-handers in a group, that group is marked by some negative factor. The number of findings in which left-handedness is associated with positive outcomes in the research literature is much rarer. A review of the literature indicated at least 60 negative pathological or undesirable conditions associated with left-handedness as opposed to only 4 positive or desirable conditions. Considering associations that have been reported two or more times in the research literature, Table I provides an idea of the positive and negative conditions related to an increased proportion of left-handers.

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