Music And Neural Plasticity

In previous sections we discussed changes in the organization and responses of neurons in response to both auditory sequence and motor sequence learning, particularly within tonotopically and somatotopically organizaed cortical areas. For such learning, the concomitant neural changes formed for any given sequence may be to some extent unique. Here, we discuss changes in the brain that are more general and result from long-term exposure to musical perception or production. Considerable interest has been generated in recent years regarding the possibility of more generalized benefits of both music listening and training in musical performance.

Understanding And Treating Autism

Understanding And Treating Autism

Whenever a doctor informs the parents that their child is suffering with Autism, the first & foremost question that is thrown over him is - How did it happen? How did my child get this disease? Well, there is no definite answer to what are the exact causes of Autism.

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