Egocentric (feedback from motor responses)

Response Selection

Orbital-Frontal Cortex (M, H, R)

Agranular Insular Cortex (R)

Reward Value (positive-negative)

Lateral Prefrontal Cortex (M, H)

Infra and Prelimbic Cortex (R)

Height, Color,

Shape, Orientation, Motion, Contrast

Process Characteristics

Selection of stratagies and rules for maintaining or manipulating information for subsequent action.

Key: M=Monkeys, H=Humans, R=Rats

Figure 3 Representation of the neural substrates, features, and process characteristics associated with the rule-based memory system for the language, time, place, response, reward value (affect), and sensory-perception attributes.

of items tasks, temporal ordering of information, and sequential learning. It is also based on paradigms that measure the use of rules in cross-modal switching, reversal learning, paired-associate, and problem-solving tasks. Here, I concentrate only on the data reported in the context of short-term memory or working memory.

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