Careers And Avocations

Individuals with CP reflect societal patterns when choosing career and avocational pursuits. While some choose to work in the service sector, others pursue careers in law, education, or medicine. As a result of supportive legislation for individuals with a disability, positive changes in employment rates have occurred. Although competitive employment rates for individuals with CP ranged from only 17 to 35% during the past several decades, a positive change was reported in 2000 by Murphy and colleagues. Fifty-two percent of individuals with CP were employed in competitive work, with 7% employed in semicompetitive work and 18% employed in sheltered work.

With supportive public policy, medical advancements, and assistive technologies, physical and environmental barriers may no longer impede professional success. Currently, individuals with disabilities are becoming autonomous productive members of society as reflected by increases in employment. Thus, the groundwork for vocational opportunities has been laid, empowering individuals with CP to have the freedom to pursue their dreams.

Breaking Bulimia

Breaking Bulimia

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