Antibodies Antigenicity Of

Felix Milgrom, Department of Microbiology, State University of New York at Buffalo, New York, USA

The term anti-antibodies (AAs) refers, in a broad sense, to all antibodies combining with other antibodies, the latter acting as antigens. This also includes antibodies against immunoglobulins of unknown antibody specificity. As early as 1900, Ehrlich and Morgenroth theorized about the formation of 'true AAs' directed against antibody-combining sites and postulated that such antibodies may exert a homeostatic mechanism preventing the formation of autoantibodies that could be harmful for the host. Subsequently, since the beginning of the twentieth century several investigators performed immunization of animals with antibodies of foreign species origin, with the objective of obtaining true AAs. All these studies, however, resulted in production of AAs directed against immunoglobulin structures other than the antibody-combining sites.

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