C3d receptor (CR2); gp140 B sub

CD22 Bgp135; BL-CAM

CD23 Low-affinity Fce-receptor;

FctRH; gp50-45; Blast-2 CD24 Heat stable antigen homolog; BA-1

CD25 Interleukin (IL)-2 receptor a chain; Tac-antigen

CD26 Dipeptidylpeptidase IV;

gp120; Ta1 CD27 T14

CD28 Tp44;

CD29 Integrin ft chain; platelet GPIIa; VLA (CD49) 0 chain

CD30 Ki-1 antigen

Cytoplasm: pan B; surface: B sub

T sub Broad

T act, B act. Reed Sternberg cells, Hodgkin cells

Receptor for the LPS/LPS binding protein (LBP) complex

CD 15 antibodies recognize the trisaccharide 3-FAL (Gall—4 (Fuel-3) GlcNac) which is also recognized by CD62P molecules

Sialyated form of CD15. It is recognized by CD62E, CD62L and CD62P molecules

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