Halsey J Bagg albino to I.C Strong in 1920 (Strong, 1978). Differences in BALB/c substrains have been documented (Potter, 1985, Hilgers et al, 1985). Carries an Asian Mus musculus musculus Y chromosome (Tucker et al, 1992).

Predominant characteristics

1. Pre-neoplastic plasmacytomas easily induced using pristane (Potter et al, 1964) or silicone gels (Potter et al, 1994).

Infectious agents

Susceptible to: Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus (TMEV) (BALB/cAnNCr), mouse hepatitis virus (Godfraind et al, 1995) with BAl.B/cBy showing resistance (Nicholson et al, 1996), l.eishmama major (Noben-Trauth et al, 1996), Trypanosoma congolense (Ogunremi et al, 1995), chronic Chagas'

cardiomyopathy in postacute Trypanosoma cruzi infection (Rowland et al, 1992), Hymenolepsis nana (Asano et al, 1993), Salmonella typhimurium (Xu et al, 1995).

Resistant to: Eimeria vermiformis (Rose et al, 1996), Helicobacter infections (Mohammadi et al. 1996), Plasmodium berghei ANKA (Moumaris et al, 1995), Candida albicans (Costantino et al, 1995).

Immunological parameters

Susceptible to colon tumors (Moen et al, 1996). High IgE responder (Mori et al, 1990). Low or non-responder to tumor induction by SV40 large T Ag (Zerrahn et al, 1996).

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