Assembly state/comments

Associated diseases

Membrane skeleton Band 3, ankyrln Peripheral

Link between proteins of skeleton and plasma membrane Links actin filaments Links actin filaments Anion transport

Membrane skeleton

Links skeleton to lipid bilayer

Actin-bundling protein

Spectrin, actin

Spectrin, actin

Ankyrin, Spectrin, Protein 4.1 Spectrin, actin, GPC Band 3, ankyrin

Actin, lipids


Peripheral Peripheral Integral

Peripheral Peripheral


Associates to heterodimers, tetramers, oligomers Monomer; 2.2, 2.3 and 2.6 bands are ankyrin isoforms

Heterodimers, tetramers Heterodimers, tetramers Dimer or tetramer; divided in two structural domains Monomer; exists in a variety of isoforms Dimer or trimer; homologous to transglutaminases, but without activity p-trimer; C-terminal half similar to villin

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