The T cell and B cell deficiency in SCID mice can be reconstituted by B cell and T cell transfer. If the transferred CD4+ T cells express high levels of CD45RB (CD45RBiH), the recipient mice exhibit a diarrhea which is chronic but does not contain blood. Transfer of CD4+ cells with low levels of CD45RB (CD45RB'°) does not induce the disease, indeed CD45RB'°, when cotransferred with CD45RBhi, abrogates the disorder. Murine IL-10, interferon y (IFN-y) and TNFa administration prevents the disease, while antibiotics abrogate the colitis, suggesting a role for bacterial pathogens in the development of the disease.

HLA-B27 transgenic rats

Expression of the human MHC class I haplotype HLA-B27 in rats results in an animal that develops enterocolitis resembling IBD. These rats also exhibit arthropathies in addition to the gastrointestinal lesions. The disease is abrogated in germ-free animals, again suggesting a role for normal colonic bacteria in the pathogenesis of inflammation. The colitis can be transferred to healthy controls by bone marrow cells derived from B27 transgenic rats. Transgenic mice expressing HLA-B27 do not show any abnormal phenotype, suggesting that the genetic background is important. This model, which was the first of the transgenic IBD models to be developed, demonstrates the interrelationship between a specific gene, the environment (bacterial flora) and the genetic background of the animal.

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