Cellular abnormalities

Transplantation experiments have documented that the genetic defects of lupus are associated with the lymphoid cell compartment. An increased number of activated/memory phenotype T cells is observed in all lupus strains, B1 (Ly-1 ") cells are elevated in NZ mice, and there is a dramatic increase with age in BXSB of atypical monocytes. In Ipr and gld homozygous mice, there is a massive accumulation of a CD3+, CD4"8", B220+ T cell subset that appears to originate from the CD84 compartment. The T cells of all lupus mice manifest defective responses to in vitro activation signals, perhaps as a reflection of their previous activation in vivo. Several disturbances in cytokine production have been observed, particularly low production and response to interleukin 2 (IL-2), and increased production of interferon y (IFNy) and IL-10.

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