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Cytokines. Hormones

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Figure 3 Regulation by CSF-1 of target cells that have trophic and/or scavenger roles in tissues.

testicular macrophages that normally contact the testosterone-producing Leydig cells. Associated with an absence of these testicular macrophages, male op/op mice have a low libido, abnormal Leydig cell morphology and reduced testosterone levels.

The expression of the CSF-1R appears to be restricted to mononuclear phagocytes, their progenitors and cells of the female reproductive tract. Thus the pleotropic nature of the op/op phenotype suggests that one group of target cells, macrophages, have important tissue regulatory roles. Tissue macrophages that require CSF-1 for their development are found primarily in tissues undergoing rapid morphogenesis or tissue remodeling (Table 2). A current hypothesis to explain the broad biological effects of CSF-1 is that CSF-1 regulates the development of cells that have important trophic and/or scavenger roles for the development and/or function of the tissue in which they reside (Figure 3).

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