Figure 1 Stick diagram of the polypeptide chain structure of the human IgG antibody. The variable (V) and constant (C) domains are indicated. The alternating pattern of framework (FR) and complementarity determining regions (CDR) in the heavy (H) and light (L) chains is indicated. The hinge region is located between the CH1 and CH2 domains of the H chain. The positions of the interchain disulfide bonds (dark bars) and carbohydrate molecules (open circles) are shown. The Fab fragment consisting of an L chain VLCL and an H chain VLCH1 joined by disulfide bonds, and the Fc fragment consisting of a constant region dimer lacking the CH1 are indicated. (Reproduced with permission from Potter KN, Li Yucheng and Capra JD (1995) In: Wang HY and Imanaka T (eds) Antibody Expression and Engineering. Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.)

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