Examples of hybridoma use

B cell diversity

Although related to the production of specific monoclonal antibodies, the ability to construct B cell hybridomas has also led to a greater understanding of the genetic mechanisms of the generation of antibody diversity. An extremely informative use of hybridomas has been in the analysis of the diversity of antibodies in immune responses.

Epitope recognition by monoclonal antibodies

As already discussed under general aspects of hybridoma production, the unique attribute of a monoclonal antibody is its ability to recognize one epitope on a complex antigenic structure. This provides a powerful tool for biological analysis of complex structures. However, monoclonal antibodies may sometimes cross-react with unrelated molecules due to sharing of three-dimensional molecular structure between different epitopes. Thus it is important that molecular identification be made not solely on reactivity with one monoclonal antibody. Other means of characterization should also be used. On the other hand, cross-reactivities may lead to the identification of important structural and biological relationships between macromolecules.

See also: Antibodies, secretion; Cryopreservation of immune cells; Epitopes; Hybridomas, T cell; Limiting dilution analysis; Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs); Specificity.

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