Fas Cd95 And Fas Ligand

Mark R Alderson, Department of Immunology, Corixa Corporation, Seattle, Washington, USA David H Lynch, Department of Immunobiology, Immunex Corporation, Seattle, Washington, USA

Apoptotic elimination of cells is an important mechanism for both homeostatic regulation of the immune system and ensuring that autoreactive and unwanted lymphocytes are removed. One means of achieving this control is mediated via the cognate interactions between Fas (APO-1/CD95) and Fas ligand (FasL). FasL binds to its receptor and in many instances this results in a cascade of events leading to the death of the target cell within hours. The prime role of the Fas/FasL apoptotic pathway appears to be in peripheral deletion of autoreactive lymphocytes and limiting the extent of an immune response by clonal downsizing. Dysreguiation of the Fas/FasL apoptoric pathway may contribute to certain disease states, including autoimmune disorders, tumor progression and immunodeficiency.

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