Genetic engineering of antibodycombining sites

Site-directed mutagenesis experiments performed on an antilysozyme antibody showed that a double mutant VL Glu28—>Ser, VH Lys.56—►Gin increased 8-to 9-fold its affinity for the antigen. One interesting conclusion of this work was that removal of electrostatically charged side-chains and their replacement by noncharged residues with hydrogen bond potential allows formation of additional hydrogen bonds with the antigen and leads to an increase in affinity. Certainly, a prime consideration in the production of genetically engineered antibodies is an improvement in affinity for antigen. However, important questions are yet to be answered in this regard: 1) what are the structural mechanisms which lead to the increase in affinity, and 2) why don't the natural diversification mechanisms produce these same hypervariable sequences?

See also: Affinity; Antibodies, specificity; Antibody-antigen intermolecular forces; Immunoglobulin structure; Antibody-antigen complexes, three-dimensional structures.

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